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ABOUT BISHOP BROOKINS  BishopBrookins@holytrinitycog.org

Bishop Robert Brookins

Pastor Robert Brookins accepted the will of God to preach the gospel in 1979.  And in the same year, became the pastor of Schuylkill Avenue Church of God, now Holy Trinity Church of God, Reading, Pennsylvania.

  In 1979, Pastor Brookins received his initial credentials as an exhorter,  he was licensed in 1982 and was ordained in 1985.  As an Ordained Bishop he sits on the Ordained Bishop Council of the Church of God, which serves America, Canada and 181 other countries.  He has served as Senior Pastor for thirty plus years, at Holy Trinity Church of God.  In addition, he has taught Theology at the Teen Challenge School of Ministry.

  Bishop Robert Brookins graduated from Reading High School in 1965.  He continued his education at Valley Forge Christian College.  He received a Diploma of Distinction from the Church of God Bible Institute, in Bible Instruction.  Bishop Brookins received an Associate and a Bachelor of Science degree from Geneva College-Center for Urban Theological Studies, in General Biblical Studies and Urban Ministry Leadership.  He has received a Master of Social Work degree from West Chester University and a Master of Divinity from Palmer Theological Seminary.  

 Bishop Brookins was employed at AT&T for 22 years as a Section Chief, QTA Auditor and System Technician in the Global Installation Division. 

  Bishop Brookins served on the local United Way Board of Directors from 1990-1995, the Berks County Coalition for a Healthy Community, the Board of Directors for Justice and Mercy, The Council on Chemical Abuse and the 55+ Club Board of Directors.  He served the Northeast Regional Fellowship as an Executive Board Member, Liaison to the Bishop E.D. Cobbs Scholarship Fund, Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President and President from 1990-2000.

  In 1990 Bishop Brookins was given the key to the city of Reading and highly commended by the Mayor for the great work the Lord is doing through his leadership in reaching the “harvest” in the city.   God has blessed the Holy Trinity Church of God with ministries that meet needs.  Mayor Robert Payne of Tallahassee, Alabama in 2001, (Bishop Brookins' hometown), presented Bishop Brookins with the key to the city.  In 2002-2003  Bishop Brookins sort the position of Mayor for the city of Reading.   

 In 1984 God gave Bishop Brookins a vision to have a 50l 3c non-profit community service arm from the ministry of the Church.  Bishop Brookins with the help of the ministry's secretary Tammy Lockhart, was used by God to birth the Community Alliance Reinvestment Endeavor, Inc., otherwise known as (C.A.R.E., Inc). With the addition of C.A.R. E., Inc., God gave the Church a holistic approach to ministry that embraces food, clothing, shelter, job referrals, medical issues, nursing home, life-skill enhancements, youth ministry, prison ministry, media ministries and a positive role modeling station, known as the House of Good Food.  He has also opened the door to a transitional housing ministry for mothers with children and an international mission help ministry for Jamaica and Grenada. 

Pastor Brookins is married to Margaret (McFarlin) Brookins for 50 years and to this union there are four children, three daughters (Stacey, Paige , Jaya) and one son (Robert II).  He is blessed with four grand-children (One granddaughter and Three grandsons)