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History of Holy Trinity Church of God

The Church of God in Reading, Pennsylvania grew out of the Pentecostal revival that swept the area during the early 1900’s. It was during this time that Rev. Albert Shelton, District Overseer and pastor of Norristown Church of God came to Reading to conduct house-to-house prayer services. As a fruit of these efforts, the Reading church officially organized on September 4, 1927. The ten charter members included Pastor Davis, Harry & Amy Hanley, Henry & Jessie Jones, Walter & Cora Staples, Ms. Ida McCoy, Ms. Lulu Garner, and Mr. Michaux Scott.

The congregation originally met at 251 Penn Street, a location rented by the week for the sum of $7.50. God poured out His blessings on the small congregation at this location and members were added weekly. In December 1927, the church moved to a larger home at 1011 ½ Cotton Street; the first services were held there on December 31, 1927. During the time of this transition, a new Pastor was also appointed. Rev. Robert Seyda. His parsonage consisted of two Sunday school rooms attached to the church.

In March of 1937, the church purchased a pre-existing church building at 1228 N. 10th street for the sum of $3,500. The trustees for this transaction were Bro. Howard Garner, Bro. Michaux Scott, and Bro. Ray Houser. The congregation continued to grow and thrive in the grace of the Lord, and in 1943 a group of members from the 10th street Church of God founded a relief mission at 543 Schuylkill Avenue. This body came to be known as the Schuylkill Avenue Church of God.

Over the next 30 years, the Lord blessed Schuylkill Avenue Church of God as they embraced the work of ministering to souls within the inner city of Reading. Under the direction and leadership of faithful men’s, such as Pastor Horace Johnson, Pastor Herbert Johnson, and Pastor Samuel Ellis, the church became a stable and constant force within the surrounding community. The church was blessed by the arrival of our current shepherd, Bishop Robert Brookins, who assumed pastorship of the body in December 1979. Bishop Brookins, faithfully acting upon the vision given to him by the Lord for this church, continues to tirelessly lead and orchestrate a true spirit of revival. Starting in the early 1980’s Schuylkill Avenue Church of God began to expand their outreach ministries and incorporated a non-profit community service arm called the Community Alliance and Reinvestment Endeavor (C.A.R.E). Beginning a new chapter in history and ministry, the Church moved in 1995 to our current location at 130 West Buttonwood Street, and we took on the new name Holy Trinity Church of God. Today our ministries continue to expand to meet every facet of need within our neighborhood.